Ready Player One

I was born in the early ‘80s. I was barely two months old when Return of the Jedi was released, and only two years old When Back to the Future made Marty McFly a household name. In addition, I was the only girl in a family with two older brothers. So, needless to say, I […]

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten?

Are you getting your child ready for kindergarten this fall? Beginning at a new school? These picture books will inspire soon-to-be kindergartners and their parents - making the up-coming new-school adventure one of brilliant color, play and excitement! There's something for everyone - from a nervous school to a nervous dad (with brave children and creative teachers […]

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Explore ABCMouse at Home!

San Mateo County Libraries is excited to announce that ABCmouse, our online educational resource, is now available for use at home! ABCmouse is an interactive and engaging resource for children ages 2 to 8, with educational concepts and activities that are designed to provide a stronger learning foundation for school. Created by nationally recognized early […]

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Community Conversations

A year of listening, learning and discovering shared values. In September of 2017, San Mateo County Libraries will launch our “Community Conversations” program which brings community members – of different walks of life and with differing views – to listen, learn, and discover common connections with one another in a safe space. Every month, we’ll bring […]

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Even G-Dragons Have Birthdays

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji-yong! Fans of K-Pop will know G-Dragon as the breakout megastar of Korea's superstar boy band Big Bang. Born August 18, 1988, Korea's biggest pop star will turn 29 this month, marking a new era of a life lived in the limelight. Currently appearing in this second world tour, Act III: M.O.T.T.E, is […]

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Eclipse Across America For the first time in 99 years, a solar eclipse will be visible throughout all of North America. Anyone within the path of totality - a term which describes the phenomenon where the moon blocks out the sun completely, and only the sun's corona can be seen - will see a rare total eclipse of the sun. […]

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