Even G-Dragons Have Birthdays

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji-yong!

Fans of K-Pop will know G-Dragon, opens a new window as the breakout megastar of Korea's superstar boy band Big Bang, opens a new window. Born August 18, 1988, Korea's biggest pop star will turn 29 this month, marking a new era of a life lived in the limelight.

Currently appearing in this second world tour, Act III: M.O.T.T.E, opens a new window, is expected to be largest tour ever conducted by a Korean solo artist.

“Who am I?”

After the unprecedented success of Big Bang, G-Dragon debuted as a solo artist in 2009. During his current word tour, we see the chameleon-like persona of G-Dragon settling into the older, more mature and introspective Kwon Ji-yong. Asking his audience "Who am I?" G-Dragon seems to be on the cusp of a new persona.

Who indeed? In addition be being Korea's biggest pop star, G-Dragon is also a trendsetter in the world of style. Known for his androgynous appearance and genderless fashion, G-Dragon's contributions have impacted the culture, creating a transcendent aesthetic.

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Looking Forward

As an artist who constantly transforms himself, we can all look forward to G-Dragon's next persona.

Which is your favorite?