Get A Diploma Online

Any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Can’t get a job because you don’t have a high school diploma.
  • Because of life circumstances, online education is the main way you can go back to school.
  • It is too expensive to get foreign high school transcripts translated and validated in the United States.
  • Need tutor support in order to complete coursework.

Career Online High Schoolopens a new window can be your answer! According to the US Census Bureau, high school diploma holders earned approximately $4,700 in mean monthly earnings compared with GED certificate holders, who earned $3,100.

Program Quick Facts

  • Requires 18 credits total.
  • You may transfer previous credits from accredited high school courses, shortening the completion time from 18 months to as little as 5 months for some students.
  • Courses are taught in an online learning environment available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

San Mateo County Libraries is giving scholarships to:

  • Anyone who lives in San Mateo County, who
  • is at least 19 years old,
  • wishes to get an accredited online High School Diploma, and
  • get a Career Certificationopens a new window in 1 of 8 high-growth, high-demand fields.


Please email us and our enrollment team will contact you.

Process to enroll, get a scholarship, and GRADUATE!

  1. Start by filling out the Online self-assessmentopens a new window. It will take around 5 to 10 minutes. You'll be asked a series of questions about things like your access to a computer, how much time you can dedicate to coursework, and your reason for wanting to get a High School Diploma and Career Certificate.
  2. The COHS Team at the library will contact eligible applicants to enroll in Part 1 of COHS--the Prerequisite course. Check email for instructions. Check junk email too.
  3. Once the Prerequisite course is completed, we will contact the student to schedule an interview at the Library. Interviews and scholarships will be offered on a first-come, first-qualified basis. At the interview:
    • We will answer any questions about COHS.
    • We will support students in getting any high school transcriptsopens a new window.
    • We will award the scholarship for a 30 day trial, for the student to start Part 2 of COHS.
    • We will support the student in enrolling in Part 2.
  4. Graduate. Complete the program fully prepared to be successful in your career and in life. You graduate with:
    • High school diploma
    • Career certificate
    • Career portfolio
    • Applicable job prep training and skills

Part 1. Prerequisite Course

  • First, you will select a career majoropens a new window, and enroll in Part 1 of the program.
  • The prerequisite course must be completed with a 70% or higher and within two weeks or sooner.
  • Second, during Part 1, you will:
    • Explore the online learning environment to determine if you are comfortable with this instructor-supported, self-paced approach to learning.
    • Assess whether the Career Online High School program best meets your educational needs, or if alternative options for high school completion are more appropriate.
    • Determine if the career field is interesting/appealing.
    • Demonstrate to San Mateo County Libraries your commitment to furthering your education through the successful completion of the full Career Online High School program.
  • After you complete the self-assessment, create an accountopens a new window to access the prerequisite course.

Part 2. Scholarship Phase

  • Once a scholarship is granted, San Mateo County Libraries will grant you access to enroll in Part 2.
  • COHS will pair you with an academic coach, who will welcome you and help you prepare to succeed in the program.
  • Virtual Welcome Kit shows you step-by-step how the program works.
  • Welcome phone call kicks off a virtual tour of the online campus, which serves as a first-day-of-school orientation.
  • Anytime access to courses.
  • Instant feedback on lessons and exams.
  • Tools to keep track of progress such as Gradebook and Pace Guide.
  • Online learning resources including eLibrary, calendar, and academic support services.
  • Pace guide helps you stay on track and move through the program by completing one course credit every two weeks.

A full support team is dedicated to helping you:

  • Academic coach is there to support you via phone, email, and other social networking tools.
  • Qualified, certified instructors provide academic support.
  • Support staff helps you plan for their next career steps.
  • Technical support is available by phone or email.

Prepare for a Career. Career readiness is the key to your success:

  • Career-focused, skills-based elective courses.
  • Biweekly online seminars focused on 21st century skills.
  • Monthly career webinars to prepare you for workplace realities and job markets.
  • Career portfolio lessons that teach business writing and help you create resumes and cover letters.

If you feel COHS might not be a good fit for your needs, please explore our many educational and literacy resources offered by the San Mateo County Libraries.

Career Online High School is made possible with support from the California State Libraryopens a new window.

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