In all matters related to procurement, San Mateo County Libraries is committed to ensuring that goods and services are of high quality, available when needed, and competitively priced. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct in public purchasing.

Small Business First Policy

The San Mateo County Libraries Small Business First policy, which is adapted from the State of California and the University of California Small Business First programs, facilitates the Library in granting more procurement opportunities to Small Businesses (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) based in California.

Under this policy, the Library may award a procurement to a certified small business up to $200,000 without being competitively bid, so long as the Library follows the guidelines established in the Small Business First policy. The policy requires one quote from a California-based SB or DVBE for procurements up to $100,000, and two quotes from a California-based SB or DVBE for procurements of $100,001 - $200,000.

See the certifications accepted under the Small Business First policy.

If you are interested in providing goods or services to San Mateo County Libraries, please fill out this form, opens a new window to tell us more about your business.

You can also view our open, formal Request for Proposals or Requests for Quotes.

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