Strategic Plan

Our Vision

San Mateo County Libraries ignite growth through transformative experiences.

Our Mission

San Mateo County Libraries strengthen our community by creating an inclusive sense of place and environment for learning.

Our Goals

We cultivate an active presence and create spaces that support discovery, enrich lives and uplift the community.
This means we will:

We are leaders in establishing a foundation for early literacy and supporting exploration and growth at every stage of life.
This means we will:

  • Engage children and families in high quality, research-based learning experiences
  • Bridge the digital divide by building skills and providing access to technology
  • Develop creative programs and services that have measurable results
  • Grow a culture of learning and participation

We understand community needs and promote meaningful library services as solutions.
This means we will:

  • Understand and align with community goals
  • Communicate an inspiring vision and the library’s story of impact
  • Cultivate library champions who reflect the dynamic environment
  • Employ resources in new ways to ensure equitable access
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