Announcing Our New Lookmobile!

San Mateo County Libraries's Lookmobile, a new interactive mobile library.

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Lookmobile, an interactive mobile library designed to activate outdoor spaces and increase hands-on learning opportunities in San Mateo County communities. The Lookmobile offers visitors the opportunity to explore new ways of seeing their surroundings through interactive exhibits, fun experiments, and reflective activities. We invite the public […]

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eMagazines to Help You Prepare for the Holidays

Source: David Everett Strickler, Unsplash / CC0

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are quickly approaching! Get a head start on gift buying with The Great Gift Guide December issue from Consumer Reports. All you need is your San Mateo County Libraries card to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. Consumer Reports smartly divides the gift guides up […]

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The Mannequin Challenge – Library Style

Pacifica Sanchez Library takes the Mannequin Challenge.

What's the Mannequin Challenge? It's a trend so big that it even has it's own Wikipedia page! You make a video where people stand in place like statues (or mannequins). And presto! You've conquered the Mannequin Challenge. Even our librarians are getting in on the action. The Pacifica Sanchez Library filmed their own Mannequin Challenge […]

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Discussing the 2016 Election With Children

Child with US flag in hand. Source: DVIDSHUB, Wikimedia Commons.

The recent election and its aftermath have stirred passionate discussion among adults--and even among kids. Many adults are wondering how to approach this topic with their children. Not Too Young You might be thinking: my child is too young to understand what's going on. Though they don't understand the details, kids are sensitive to emotions and […]

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Get Online Help with Your November Novel

Quote on wall at the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas, CA. Source: Joe Flood, Flickr

National Novel Writing Month is moving right along! Hopefully you’re making good progress on your writing project and have attended some of our workshops, write-ins, and author talks at our branches. If you’re looking for extra feedback or have that middle-of-the-night writer’s block, your San Mateo County Libraries card can help! Brainfuse HelpNow’s 24-Hour Writing […]

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Your Very Own Thanksgiving E-Helper: Cookbooks, Crafts, and More!

Photo of a table Setting with pie. Source: Annie Sprat, Unsplash CC0

If you’re like me and put off any and all holiday planning to the last second, e-books and e-magazines are a lifesaver. Best of all, there’s no leaving the kitchen! All you need is a San Mateo County Libraries card to plan your perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Find a tried and tested idea in Let's Talk Turkey […]

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