The Power of Story

The Short Version Author wins award: Ryan Gattis, All Involved, 2016 ALEX Award. Author graciously agrees to appear at award presentation during library convention. Author delivers incredibly moving speech. Audience member (aka: me) compelled to share speech and books with world! The Slightly Longer Version I am very lucky to serve on the ALEX Award […]

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Stubborn Pens and Nervous Schools

Does your child have a favorite blanket or toy that they love more than anything, even an identical, newer, cleaner version of the same object? Anyone familiar with Owen by Kevin Henkes or Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems knows that this phenomenon is quite real and experienced by many young ones. But how about taking it a […]

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Wonder Woman

Have you seen the trailer for next year's Wonder Woman movie yet? Wonder Woman has been kicking butt in comics for 75 years. She has been in cartoons, TV shows, and video games but never a solo feature film. Her movie is scheduled to be released June 2, 2017. Can’t wait for the movie? Try these comics with cool, complex […]

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The Legendary Iggy Pop

The new Iggy Pop album, Post Pop Depression, has been playing nonstop in my car for weeks. I've loved him since childhood, when I first heard his punk band the Stooges. His wild stage performances, the mischievous glint in his eyes, the way he practically howls when he sings--Iggy Pop is a legend. Forever young at […]

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Explore the Cosmos

Nothing ignites a sense of wonder like the vastness of Space. The stars and worlds that surround us--unseen to most of us most of the time--are things of mystery, wonder, beauty and, above all, possibility. Throughout history and across disciplines, curious humans have explored the universe and found a limitless field of play. Join their […]

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