Pokémon Go: Catch’em at the Library!

Pokémon Go! It's the new gaming app that's sweeping the nation. Whether you're trying to catch them all or get your Pokémon fix with books, comics, and DVDs then the library has you covered.

Did you know that some of our branches are Pokéstops? And some are even Gyms!

Check out some of our library Pokémon sightings.

Catching Pokémon takes a lot of energy, especially for your phone! If you need a quick charge you can check out one of our new Doblet chargers so you won't miss out on any Pokémon encounters.

And while you're looking for Pokémon in the library you can check out some Pokémon guides, comics, and DVDs.




Here's a handy list of our locations and their status in Pokémon Go. Many also have other Pokéstops and Gyms nearby.

Have you caught any Pokémon at the library? Let us know in the comments.