El Famoso Flat Top de Furqan

Español | English Español Nuevamente llegado a nuestras bibliotecas, les presentamos Furqan: un niño Afro Latino que tiene ganas de algo diferente para su peinado. Este libro bilingüe es escrito e ilustrado por un autor local, Roberto Liu-Trujillo, con traducción por Cinthya Muñoz, y se llama El Primer Corte de Mesita de Furqan/Furqan's First Flat Top. […]

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Libros Nuevos en Español

Para nosotros los bibliófilos, siempre es emocionante descubrir un libro nuevo. ¡Ahora imagínese estar viendo libros nuevos todos los días! Trabajando en las Bibliotecas del Condado de San Mateo, me toca verlos constantemente. Pero no es privilegio especial: usted también puede experimentar los libros recién llegados a nuestras bibliotecas. En nuestro sitio Internet tenemos un […]

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One of those days

One of the perks of working in technical services at a library is you get to see lots of new materials come through. Sometimes a book will jump out at us and we have to stop and take a second look. Amy Krouse Rosenthal's One of Those Days is exactly that kind of book. With just a […]

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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Have you ever noticed that almost all mariachi songs end the same way? "Tan-tan!" That doesn't keep me from tearing up every time I hear "Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra," my grandmother's favorite that reminds me of Sunday dinners and carne asadas with the whole family. Whether mariachi, tríos, ranchera or norteña is your thing, it's […]

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The Power of Story

The Short Version Author wins award: Ryan Gattis, All Involved, 2016 ALEX Award. Author graciously agrees to appear at award presentation during library convention. Author delivers incredibly moving speech. Audience member (aka: me) compelled to share speech and books with world! The Slightly Longer Version I am very lucky to serve on the ALEX Award […]

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Explore the Cosmos

Nothing ignites a sense of wonder like the vastness of Space. The stars and worlds that surround us--unseen to most of us most of the time--are things of mystery, wonder, beauty and, above all, possibility. Throughout history and across disciplines, curious humans have explored the universe and found a limitless field of play. Join their […]

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Summer Learning is here!

Make this your... BEST.SUMMER.EVER. The Summer Learning Challenge is here! This means reading, playing, doing, and lots of chances for prizes through it all. Sign up at your local library or online at summerlearners.org to be part of this exploring, discovering, playing, experimenting, reading, talking, singing, smiling, laughing, can't-do-it-wrong program that combines the fun of […]

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