Searching for a Fun Read? Alex Has Just the Thing

I love stories where Things Happen. With all due respect to those introspective novels that plumb the human psyche, sometimes I need a good fight scene or car chase to go with that.

So for that, among many other reasons, I am very lucky to have served on last year's ALEX Award Committee, opens a new window for the Young Adult Library Services Association, opens a new window (YALSA). The experience was rewarding and a ton of fun (despite a somewhat large volume of reading to be done in a somewhat condensed period of time). I'm exceedingly grateful to be a part of this group of librarians whose goal is to serve teens by selecting books that appeal to their broad range of reading tastes. If you don't know them, the ALEX Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to teens, ages 12 through 18. In addition to the Top Ten list, opens a new window, the committee releases an official list of nominated, opens a new window titles. The purpose of the list is to nurture teen readers as they transition to adulthood, i.e. give them fun things to read so they keep reading!

This year's list--as always--is full of compelling and engaging stories and includes both fiction and nonfiction. There are three moving memoirs, there is fantasy and adventure, speculative fiction, kick-butt undercover agents, death-defying virtual gaming, choose-your-own-adventure Shakespeare, and possibly the sharpest, snarkiest science book you'll ever read. Check out any (or all!) of these titles at a San Mateo County Libraries community library.

For more information on this award that is all about fun reading, as well as for lists of past winners, head over to YALSA and the Alex Awards, opens a new window.

2017 Alex Awards Winners

The Queen of Blood

The Regional Office Is Under Attack!

In the Country We Love



Every Heart A Doorway

Romeo And/or Juliet

Die Young With Me

The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar

The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko

What are your thoughts about the chosen 10?