Boost Your Research With New Reference Databases

Get ready to unlock even more information with your San Mateo County Libraries card! To better serve our community’s research and reference needs, San Mateo County Libraries along with the Peninsula Libraries, are switching from Gale reference databases to EBSCO databases on July 1, 2019. Gale reference databases, such as General OneFile, Academic OneFile, the…
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Who Was Bayard Rustin?

The Most Famous Civil Rights Hero You Never Heard Of Best known as the organizer behind the 1963 March on Washington (you see him standing behind Martin Luther King Jr. at the podium in old footage), Bayard Rustin was that and more. Beginning in the 1930s, to his death in 1987, Rustin was a labor…
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A Giraffe Obsession

World Giraffe Day is celebrated on the longest day of the year: Friday, June 21, 2019. Giraffe Love Sometimes I'll arrive at the library and there's a little present on my desk from coworkers. A giraffe t-shirt, a giraffe notepad, the newest giraffe book, a mini giraffe Lego kit... Once there was even a large…
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