A Giraffe Obsession

World Giraffe Day, opens a new window is celebrated on the longest day of the year: Friday, June 21, 2019.

Giraffe Love

Sometimes I'll arrive at the library and there's a little present on my desk from coworkers. A giraffe t-shirt, a giraffe notepad, the newest giraffe book, a mini giraffe Lego kit... Once there was even a large giraffe statue! I love my library colleagues for so many reasons, and their kindness is something I will really miss when I move away this summer. They know me, and they definitely know my love for giraffes!

I'm also often the recipient of global giraffe news articles and updates. I want to know it all! For example, Hasani the baby giraffe in Seattle doesn't have to wear therapeutic shoes anymore, opens a new window. (Hooray, Hasani!) And New Yorker April the giraffe is retiring after having five babies, opens a new window. And some Australian giraffes experienced bubbles for the first time:

Other "Giraffes"

I even noticed that I tend to like other animal species that resemble giraffes. My favorite dinosaur has always been the long neck Brachiosaurus. I am crazy for Greyhounds (and Salukis, opens a new window!). 

Am I like a giraffe? Well, I am tall! And my eyelashes are kinda long--though maybe I should wear a ton of mascara if I really want to replicate their liquidy dark eyes. And I like to think I'm mellow like a giraffe.

And a new fact I just learned: giraffes are not swimmers. Or, as an investigative giraffe report by Scientific America asked: "Bad at swimming, or really bad at swimming?", opens a new window Yay! Another thing we have in common!

World Giraffe Day

World Giraffe Day raises awareness about these lovely animals, who are facing many challenges in the wild. There are currently about 11,000 wild giraffes, and much can be done to protect them so they can continue to grace our planet. Read more about giraffes in these fun books:




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How Do You Say?

Giraffes? Giraffes!

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