Latinx Heritage Celebration at the Libraries

With summer coming to an end, it is time to do some “arm chair traveling” at the library with our upcoming all ages music and dance performances, art installations, as well as a very special author visit with Gary Soto in honor of SMCL's Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Celebrations.

All Ages Programs

Sandor y Su Mecanica: Cuban Music

A collective brotherhood and sisterhood of musicians from Cuba and the United States. Featuring local legends such as Fito Reinoso, Carlos Caro, Livan Montoya and many more. La Mecanica serves as a landing spot for Cuban musicians when they first arrive.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Tumbao Bravo, opens a new window: Rhythms of Cuba Performance

Presents the exciting rhythms of Cuba with rich jazz harmonic compositions. Winner of three Detroit Music Awards, PKO recording artists Tumbao Bravo’s recordings have been nationally featured on NPR. Mambo, cha cha cha, rumba and bolero are performed with congas, drum kit, keyboard and bass lead by Paul VornHagen on sax, flute, piccolo and Latin percussion.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Tezkatlipoka, opens a new window Aztec Dance & Drum Performance

This San Jose local Aztec dance and drum group will awe audiences with their large headdresses of colorful plumage, seed pod rattle anklets and copal tree resin incense, which add to the vibrant dances and powerful drumming style of Aztec percussion. Tezkatlipoka will share and explain the meaning of their dances, take questions and pose for photo taking opportunities.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Ofrenda Displays by Rachel Palacios

Ofrenda displays installed by local artist Rachel Palacios will be featured at several libraries. Come and watch the installation being put together as well as learn about the different elements that go into an ofrenda. Displays will be at the branches through November 2nd. Patrons are welcome to integrate photocopied pictures of loved ones into the display.

You can view a list of the ofrenda displays on our events page.

Author Talk With Poet Gary Soto

Renowned author and poet Gary Soto will be visiting Half Moon Bay Library on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:00pm. Join us for this special lecture where he will talk to us about his life, books, as well as sign books at the end. Call the Half Moon Bay Library for more details about this special event!

Where else but in San Mateo County Libraries will you be able to feel the sounds of Cuba, see the rhythm of Aztec dance, hear the voice of a Chicano poet, and take part in the unique Latin American tradition of Día de los Muertos? We are so proud to have all this and more to offer to our patrons.

Children and Families Programs

Latin America is rich with many cultural and social traditions to share with the youngest member of your families. We hope that you join us at the library where we will offer our younger patrons a little taste of Latin America.

Do you know how to weave? Dye? Read a hieroglyph? We have invited Linda from Peopleologie, opens a new window to teach us about different cultural traditions of Latin America. For example, it is impossible to think of Central America without the intricate weaving designs of the Andes coming to mind. Have you ever made dye or painted with plants like annato, achiote, cinnamon, berries, and marigolds? These plants and colors are tied deeply in Latin American folk art and we will use them to explore the fabric dyeing process. Lastly, explore fascinating Mesoamerican civilizations from Mexico through Central America and their important contributions to our calendar system, mathematics, pyramids, astronomy, hieroglyphics, and the arts. Linda will lead us in a short lesson before diving into the craft projects for kids and adults!

Joins us at the many Dyeing, Weaving, and Hieroglyph events hosted at the libraries.

Local artist Rachel Palacios joins us again for three programs (did you go to her awesome Rock Painting program for Month of the Young Child?!). Ever painted on tin foil? Repujados is a type of folk art seen across the world involving metal. Rachel will teach us how to use tin foil to create our own repujados. She will then join us again in October to celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) by bringing us masks to color for a Dia parade, as well as installing ofrenda displays at various libraries. For the libraries who will have an ofrenda, Rachel will explain each of the artistic items on display in the ofrenda so as to make this program an educational and immersive cultural experience.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Chiquy Boom!

Get ready to laugh and be amazed during the bilingual magic show with Chiquy Boom! So put on your learning hats and practice Spanish with her as she makes us laugh with her silly antics.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Baila Baila: Bilingual Performance & Dance Party

Learn Spanish through music with Baila Baila. This Southern California group puts on an amazing, high energy concert filled with various Latin musical rhythms for children to dance and sing to. Children of all ages are welcome to learn Spanish with us!

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Dragons Love Tacos Salsa Party

I have two questions for you….do you like parties and do you like tacos? Well, do you know who does like parties and tacos...DRAGONS! Even though Dragons are not Latin American by descent (but really, who is to say?), we appreciate their affection towards one of Latin America’s staple foods -- the taco. So, join us for a silly Dragons Love Tacos themed salsa party. Copies of Dragons Love Tacos, and Dragons Love Tacos 2 the sequel will be raffled off to taco loving winners.

You can view a list of show dates and times on our events page.

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos 2

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