Silicon Valley Is Back for Season 4!

In a previous life, I was a tech journalist in San Francisco and covered the success and excess of the Bay Area technology industry. There have been a few different fictionalized accounts of the tech start-up scene, but none have been more accurate – and cringingly hilarious – as HBO’s Silicon Valley, opens a new window.  The show kicked off its fourth season on April 23. The TV series follows start-up founder Richard Hendrix and his team of misfit programmers as they navigate cut-throat Silicon Valley.

As you might guess, much of the show takes place in the Bay Area, mostly in Palo Alto and occasionally in San Francisco. San Mateo County’s own Atherton even makes a small appearance (but unfortunately not the library!).

Over the last three seasons, we’ve watched Richard’s company Pied Piper go from a struggling start-up running out of a house to full-fledged company…with even more struggles. What will happen to Pied Piper in Season 4? If you need a refresher, you can check out Seasons 1-3 from San Mateo County Libraries.

Silicon Valley (Season 1)

Silicon Valley (Season 2)

Silicon Valley (Season 3)

Silicon Valley was created by Mike Judge, who was behind another great work-related comedy, Office Space. Put on your flair and check it out from the library.

Novels About the Tech Industry

I am so excited to read this debut novel from Buzzfeed’s executive editor, Doree Shafrir. It’s a nice change of pace from other tech industry media as it takes place in New York City rather than the Bay Area.

The Circle
What’s the line between social media sharing and surveillance? This is an equally funny and terrifying look at a tech company’s pervasiveness. The Circle is coming to the big screen on April 28 starring Emma Roberts and Tom Hanks.

Children of the New World
This collection of short stories set in the near future explore society’s dependence on technology. It will appeal to fans of the TV series, Black Mirror, opens a new window.

Are you excited for the next season of Silicon Valley? Tell us your predictions in the comments!