Do You Love Bacon?

If you enjoy eating bacon, then by all means you should take your foodie passions to the next level! Enjoy National Bacon Day, opens a new window, December 30th, with some new and delicious ways to cook bacon.

Let me tell you a little snippet of a story, I am a vegetarian in recovery! I had about 1 year and a half (just shy of 2 years) on my vegetarian path. Then one day like a Batman & Robin scene — Pow! Bang! Boom! I woke up and I mean “woke” figuratively, metaphorically, and literally. I woke up on a day of wanting some (you won’t believe it) real bacon for breakfast. I know! 😮

I want to say its been all downhill, and frankly, I hit rock bottom. The only vegetables I eat now when I’m camping are those wrapped in (you might just guess it) bacon. Since my motivations for being vegetarian weren’t righteous by any means, I figured I should just go full force and enjoy that tasty, crispy, and salty bacon.

And, as a person who cares for others (and sharing is caring) — take a look at some books we have available to experience bacon in a new and delicious way.

Eat Bacon, Don't Jog

Beyond Bacon

Bacon Nation

Project Smoke

The Bacon Cookbook

What's your favorite way to cook bacon? Share below!