G-Eazy – “Power”

I genuinely love how G-Eazy starts off his new song, "Power," with the ring of a store bell. A clever reminder to pay attention because in a nanosecond you may miss your favorite verse. The song keeps you leaning on the fence with that "hyphy" movement bay beat. For a moment it has you wondering if it's 2018 or 2008. The beat is solid with that “bay” sound.

Straight from the rapper’s lyrics, “be careful this is not for everyone.” If explicit language makes you queasy, my advice is to steer clear from G-Eazy. But if you are not concerned about explicit lyrics, smile as this is for you.

You will love this new song and its featured artists, Nef The Pharaoh, opens a new window and P-Lo, opens a new window, if you are a fan of the smooth and chill delivery style from Bay Area rappers, opens a new window. I would even dare to say the rhyming brings me back to the late great Mac Dre, opens a new window. The song has a proper representation of Bay Area rap: witty, cynical, sarcastic, and all about the power. Power defined by proof of ridiculous income, influence, and respect - "Pure Street Cred."

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