National French Toast Day

French toast is just another long way to say yummy?! Show your love for this delicious sweet treat on November 28th, National French Toast Day, opens a new window.

It's no surprise that one of my favorite breakfast dishes has its own national day of celebration. I have absolutely loved french toast since I was a child. The warm and fluffy texture with the touch of cinnamon makes my taste buds jump for joy. Oh, and the delight when it is topped with butter and syrup mixed together - there is no better way to start the day!

French toast has become a dish with many faces, why not try it with a twist you have not tasted before? Celebrate National French Toast Day with a new recipe from one of the recommended cookbooks listed below. There is even a child-directed cookbook for the young chef in your life.

Puffy Popovers

Breakfast in Bed

Big Bad Breakfast

Essentials of Breakfast & Brunch

Do you have a french toast recipe you love? Share in the comments below.