Sleep More, Get Moving and Stay Chill With Calm in 2024

Meet your goals, stay grounded and feel your best in 2024 with your San Mateo County Libraries card!

Calm is mostly known for its guided meditations, but it also offers many other tools to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions or whatever goals you might have. From gentle stretching and movement videos to music to master classes on wellness and mindfulness, Calm has something for everyone—even kids!

We’re highlighting some of the newest content in Calm you can access with your library card along with some related books to accompany your mindfulness journey. 

Get Moving 

If staying active is one of your goals, Calm can help! Add these to your rotation: 

Books to check out:



Stay Focused 

If your goal is to start, work on or finish a major project, Calm has some music and meditations that can help you along the way.  

Silk: Music for Focus, opens a new window is an exclusive with Ministry of Sound artist DJ Bklava designed to help listeners complete multiple tasks, boost creativity and increase focus. The sound styles include binaural beats and different frequencies to help you be productive while staying stress-free. 

If music isn’t your thing, the Scattered Attention, opens a new window meditation can help when you’re feeling unfocused while the Procrastination practice can help you get back on track.  

Stay Present 

If you’re new to meditation/breathwork or just not sure where to start, explore some of these options: 

Books to check out:

Wherever You Go, There You Are

The Mindful Body 

Sleep Better 

Getting better sleep is on the top of many people’s priority lists. In a survey Calm conducted with its users, 70% of respondents said they use Calm to help with sleep. Calm worked with Matthew Walker, PhD, the author of Why We Sleep to develop an immersive sleep story., opens a new window There is also a new five-part series, Easy Tips for Better Sleep, opens a new window, with Professor Walker that highlights meaningful tips and tools to improve your sleep. 

Books to check out:

Why We Sleep

Hello Sleep

Introduce Mindfulness to Your Kids 

Mindfulness can help kids navigate their emotions, focus and ease anxiety. Calm has a dedicated section of its app with just content for kids, including music, stories and meditations. Calm recently partnered with Disney to create Princess-themed, opens a new window meditations, sleep stories and soundscapes. The app also has simple breathing exercises and games that families can do together, such as Balloon Breath,, opens a new window Birthday Candle Breathing, opens a new window and See, Hear, Feel, opens a new window. 

Books to check out:

Mindful Me

Alphabreaths Too 

How to Get Calm Through SMCL 

San Mateo County Libraries cardholders can sign up using the Get Calm form. Please note that only patrons with the “29041,” “29731,” and "29735” can apply and receiving your subscription information will take 3-4 business days. 

How will you stay ground, focused, and more relaxed this year? Let us know in the comments.