Visit Our eBook Stops Around the County!

San Mateo County Libraries is excited to unveil free eBook Stops, making thousands of eBooks available in just a few easy steps with a wireless device. Simply visit an eBook Stop, connect to its free Wi-Fi and our webpage, and then begin browsing popular titles available in English and Spanish.

If you’re new to reading books online, eBook Stops are a great way to try them out. You don’t need a library card, mobile app, data plan or Wi-Fi connection to read these eBooks. There are no holds or wait times, so you can begin reading immediately or save the book in your browser to read from home. The eBook Stop includes popular adult, teen, and children's titles in numerous genres. The collection is constantly updating, so be sure to come back after your first visit to browse new eBooks!

How it Works

eBook Stops are powered by a small device that generates its Wi-Fi network. When connected to its network, you can download and read eBooks curated by San Mateo County Libraries. All you need is a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) that can connect to a network and a few minutes to browse and download your books.  

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Visit one of our locations with an eBook Stop. 
  2. Look for the blue “eBook Stop” signs.
  3. Access the Wi-Fi connections on your phone or tablet. 
  4. Select the network called eBook Stop from the list of available networks on your device. 
  5. Visit, opens a new window in your browser, accept the Terms and Conditions, and tap “Go” to start reading.  
  6. You can also download the book to your browser by clicking “Offline Access” at the top of the menu on the site. You will also get a message while you’re browsing through your book with instructions on downloading it and bookmarking it in your browser. This way, you can take the eBook with you after you’ve checked it out from the eBook Stop! 

Where to Find an eBook Stop Library 

Currently, we have eBook Stops at our library locations and community partner locations listed below. Look for the blue signs with instructions on how to get started! We will be adding more locations in months to come, including locations outside of our libraries within the community, to reduce barriers to reading! 

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