Axis 360 Will Soon Become Boundless!

A big change is coming for our eBook readers and listeners at the end of September: Axis 360 will become Boundless, opens a new window! On September 18, San Mateo County Libraries will begin transitioning to the new Boundless service and Axis 360 will be phased out.

What to Know About the Change

Boundless is a new service that will replace the Axis 360 website and app. It is more than just an upgrade to Axis 360, but a whole new user interface and experience.

What You Need to Do?

You will need to download a new app and/or bookmark a new URL if you access Axis 360 via the web.

Axis 360 users will be directly notified about the transition through the Axis 360 website and mobile apps. You will continue to receive notifications about the Boundless release in their Axis 360 app and via the website until September 18.

The notifications will inform you of the upcoming change and explain the steps you will need to take. The in-app notifications will prompt readers to download the new Boundless app and provide a link for any additional help that may be needed. The website pop-up will inform users of the transition to Boundless and provide the same support link.

What will not change? All user information and history, including holds position, will be seamlessly transitioned into the new Boundless platform. Additionally, the same Axis 360 collection you know and love will still be available through Boundless. If there was something you wanted to read on Axis 360, it will still be on Boundless!

What’s New in Boundless?

Boundless allows you to have more personalization and customization options for your reading experience. The user interface is newly designed to make finding what you want to read or listen to easier.

The My Shelf feature is a personalized page for all your checkouts. You can also view specially curated carousels and content based on your reading activities and interests. With insights, goals and badges, you can set personal reading goals, track your progress and earn badges!

Boundless makes it easy for the whole family to get involved in reading. Once you download the app or use the web version, you can create user profiles within your account. Sign up all members of your family with teen and kid-friendly experiences!

We Are Here to Help!

Changes can be tricky, but we’re here to help you make the switch from Axis 360 to Boundless for all of your e-reading and listening needs! This Boundless FAQ, opens a new window provides more details and might answer any questions about the upgrade. We are also working with Boundless to create online tutorials on using Boundless, which we will post to our website soon.