Meet Sandor Katz, Author of Fermentation Journeys

San Mateo County Libraries welcomes Sandor Katz on Thursday, June 9 at 6:00 PM. Sandor will share his global travels and insight into the magic of fermentation from his book, Sandor Katz's Fermentation Journeys, before taking questions from the audience.

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For the past two decades, fermentation expert and bestselling author Sandor Katz has traveled the world, both teaching and learning about the many fascinating and delicious techniques for fermenting foods. Wherever he’s gone, he has gleaned valuable insights into the cultures and traditions of local and indigenous peoples, whether they make familiar ferments like sauerkraut or less common preparations like natto and koji. In his latest book, Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys, Katz takes readers along with him to revisit these special places, people and foods.

Praise for Sandor Katz

Sandor Ellix Katz is a fermentation revivalist, a James Beard Award winner and a New York Times-bestselling author. A self-taught experimentalist who lives in rural Tennessee, his explorations in fermentation developed out of his overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition and gardening. He is the author of four previous books: Wild Fermentation, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, The Art of Fermentation and Fermentation as Metaphor. Sandor's hundreds of worldwide fermentation workshops have helped catalyze a broad revival of the fermentation arts.

Sandor’s life of curiosity-filled travel and exploration elicits a sense of wonder as tastes, sights, and smells leap off the pages to ignite your imagination. This book doesn’t simply serve as a near-encyclopedic travelogue to countless ferments from around the world. It cements the grandfather of the fermentation revival as a great naturalist of our time; an enthusiastic adventurer seeking out not giant beasts, but microscopic ones, through friendships, community, recipes, and more-than-human stories. —David Zilber (The Noma Guide to Fermentation)

His teachings and writings on fermentation have changed lives around the world.BBC

More than just fermentation cookbook meets travel journal, Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys is a love letter to the world fermentation community. Like threads of forest mycelium linking underground communication networks, this worldwide community shares knowledge and a belief that fermentation can heal. As Katz documents recipes and techniques, he focuses on the story of place and the individuals that shared their traditions or ideas. In this way, it is a book the fermentation community built. —Kirsten K. Shockey (Homebrewed Vinegar, Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments)