Create Custom 3D Prints to Meet Your Household Needs

We've all seen the cute figurines or toys you can create with 3D printers, but what about custom-printed solutions for your household needs? Featured below are some of the functional items patrons have 3D printed at our local San Mateo County Libraries! Some of these objects have been designed by our patrons independently, while others were sourced from Thingiverse.

CO2 Monitor Case

With the patron's own hardware, they were able to attach the front of the case and a carabiner!

Their monitor is now protected in a case and can be attached to a bag or purse.

A Missing Screw for a Mandolin

One patron had a mandolin that lost a retaining screw. They found a replacement on Thingiverse, so we printed them three screws at slightly different sizes so they can use the one that fits best.

Standing Desk Control Panel Cover

One patron's standing desk had buttons that were so sensitive the desk would move when he brushed against it, so he designed a cover for the desk’s control panel to fix it.

Runoff Water Catcher for Sink

This same patron also designed a custom slide for runoff water that dripped off his sink.

Board Game Organizer

One patron wanted to better organize his board games.

He found new card holders on Thingiverse.

Now, his cards fit perfectly and each item has a designated place to go.

He also found expansion pack organizers for his other board games.

Here's another example of a board game container before 3D printed organizers...

...and after! Functional 3D printed organizers keep everything neat and tidy.

Schedule an appointment to use one of our libraries' 3D printers to make a functional print of your own!