Dive Into the World of Zine Making With Perzines!

A zine, pronounced /ZEEN/, is an expressive DIY personal publication. Whether you've never heard of them, have been thinking of making one, or are already a seasoned zinester, your next zine-making adventure is waiting for you at one of our libraries' Art for All stations or our upcoming zine programs! 

What is A Perzine?

A personal zine, commonly known as a perzine for short, is a memoir-style zine that features personal anecdotes, stories and testimonials of an individual’s life.

Making Your First Perzine

Zines are extremely DIY, so get started by grabbing your writing tool of choice and paper. Many of our Art for All stations have supplies such as paper, pencils, pens and coloring tools that can aid in this exploration. To start, fold your first mini zine by following this guide on our website. 

The paper is your playground! Reflect inward, consider a moment in your life that elicited a powerful emotion and bring it forward. It could be as simple as the first time you tried something new, what you wish more people knew about you or even a narration of your day at the library. 

Once you find your moment, you are ready to start weaving the words into your mini zine. Share your story however you wish to tell it! What makes zines great is the infinite space they offer to express yourself creatively at any skill level!  

Connecting With Your Community Through Perzines

Given their journal-like confessional nature, perzines encourage introspection, which can be a cathartic and grounding experience. They offer a platform to anonymously share personal stories that might otherwise feel too intimidating. Moreover, reading or sharing perzines with others can build stronger interpersonal and community connections by letting others peek into one’s life.   

Be sure to share your first personal zine and encourage your community to get started with their own! Check out these books from our collection for inspiration:

This blog was written by Naomi Kamau, Library Aide at Foster City Library.