New Year, New You: Reach Your Resolutions With the Libraries

The clock is ticking down to 2024, and that familiar feeling starts to bubble up: the urge to reinvent, refresh and restart. Whether it's mastering a new skill, reigniting a passion or simply stepping out of your comfort zone, New Year's resolutions hold the promise of a brighter, bolder us. But where do you begin?

Maybe you're aiming for fitness goals, creative endeavors or self-discovery. Whatever you're seeking, chasing resolutions can feel daunting.

Your local library is not just a haven for books and quiet reading corners. It's a treasure trove of resources, a community hub and a launchpad for your personal growth in the new year. So, let's dive into how San Mateo County Libraries can be your secret weapon for achieving those resolutions.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Online creative resources: Access learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Creativebug video tutorials on various creative skills, from graphic design to songwriting and photography.
Art programs: Our libraries have different art programs throughout the year, from watercolor painting to calligraphy, crochet and sewing.
Makerspaces: Try jewelry making, 3D printing, sewing and laser cutting in our makerspaces. All of our libraries have 3D printers and Millbrae is our next library to get a makerspace.
Library of things: Take home a sewing machine or a ukelele or practice your singing skills with our karaoke machine

Expand Your Horizons

Free language classes: Learn a new language or brush up on rusty skills with free online language classes offered through Pronunciator. Open a door to new cultures and connect with communities around the world.
Online courses and learning platforms: Gain new skills and knowledge with online courses offered through platforms like Niche Academy, accessible with your library card. From coding to finance to personal development, the possibilities are endless!
Author programs: Attend lectures and author talks on various topics, from fiction to poetry and literature. Expand your knowledge and spark your intellectual curiosity. 

Build Meaningful Connections

Book clubs and discussion groups: Join a book club or discussion group to connect with fellow bibliophiles, share your thoughts on favorite reads, and discover new authors.
Volunteer opportunities: Give back to your community and meet new people by volunteering at your library. Share your skills, help others and make a positive impact.
Community events and programs: Our libraries offer a host of events and programs for all ages, from family Storytimes to movie and trivia nights. Step out of your comfort zone, make new friends, and participate in the vibrant life of your community

Body Bliss

Zen seekers: Access mindfulness and meditations through the Calm App, opens a new window. Attend workshops on stress management and meditation, opens a new window and gain a sense of peace.
Fitness classes: We offer recurring Tai Chi, opens a new window classes as well as yoga classes, opens a new window, both in person and online, opens a new window.
Hiking: We offer County Parks and State Parks passes, as well as Library Explorers Packs for kids and adult hiking poles for checkout.  

Remember, San Mateo County Libraries offers so much more than just books. We are a gateway to self-discovery, learning and community. So, this New Year, step into your local library and unlock a world of possibilities. With free resources, supportive staff and a welcoming atmosphere, your local library is the perfect partner in your journey to a "New Year, New You." We've also gathered some reading recommendations to inspire you in the new year.

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