Meditate, Sleep and Relax With Calm

Back in 2020, San Mateo County Libraries became the first public library system to offer the Calm app to cardholders. We are thrilled to announce that we will continue to offer free Calm accounts to our community! Take a deep breath and sign up with your library card online using the Get Calm form.  

What is Calm? 

Whether you’re new to meditation, opens a new window and mindfulness or looking to deepen your practice, Calm’s audio content can help you meet your goals. The most popular feature on Calm is a 10-minute meditation called, The Daily Calm, which explores a fresh mindful theme and inspiring concept each day. You can also choose from meditation series, such as “7 Days of Calming Anxiety” or “Train Your Mind,” which is taught by LeBron James. 

The Calm Masterclasses are a series of audio courses on various wellness and mindfulness topics, such as Radical Self-Compassion, Stoicism and Conscious Parenting. If you’re looking for help with sleeping, Calm also contains some 100 Sleep Stories (bedtime stories for grown-ups), plus sleep music and nature sounds. Calm also offers mindfulness content for children, opens a new window, including short and fun guided meditations and stories to help ease stress or anxiety. 

Mental health care should extend beyond you to your family. With our program, up to four members of your family can now receive their own premium Calm subscription. Inviting your family members is easy— here are step-by-step instructions. Once added, each family member can create their own unique account and access Calm’s content library. Please note that family members must be 16+ to receive an invite.

Calm Programs at the Library 

Would you like to experience meditation and the Calm app before downloading it? Since March 2022, we have offered regular staff-led 10-minute meditation sessions using Calm in our libraries for beginner and experienced meditators to practice together. Find out what upcoming Calm-guided meditation events we’re offering next. 

Staff are on hand to help you add the app to your phone and answer questions about how to get it working for you. Over these past few months, we’ve had many try meditation for the first time, and most come back for future sessions. If we aren’t offering meditation at your preferred location, please let staff know you’re interested, and we’ll try to bring meditation sessions to you.