Celebrate Women Artists This Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month with San Mateo County Libraries by learning about women artists and following in their footsteps! Join us for our series of “Make It Like...” activities to explore different ways of making art inspired by the work of Helen Frankenthaler, Sonia Delaunay, Pacita Abad, Ruth Asawa, Xenobia Bailey and Liz Payne. As part of our Power Up Afternoons, this series features projects that can be adapted for a range of ages and abilities, from preschool through high school.

Helen Frankenthaler
Helen Frankenthaler was an influential American abstract expressionist painter known for her pioneering "soak-stain" technique, where she applied diluted paint directly onto unprimed canvas, allowing the colors to merge and create ethereal, atmospheric compositions. Try out Frankenthaler’s soak-stain technique for yourself:

Sonia Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay was a Ukrainian-born French artist and designer recognized for her significant contributions to abstract art and avant-garde design in the early 20th century. She was known for her bold use of color, geometric shape and dynamic patterns in her paintings, textiles and fashion designs. Make a colorful paper quilt based on the work Delaunay created:

Pacita Abad
Pacita Abad was a Filipino-American artist celebrated for her dynamic and experimental mixed-media works, encompassing vibrant paintings, textile art and large-scale installations that often addressed social and political themes. Explore color and shape using pastels as our medium and Abad's art as your inspiration:

Ruth Asawa
Ruth Asawa was a Japanese-American artist recognized for her innovative wire sculpture installations and public artworks, often characterized by intricate, organic forms that explore the interplay of light and space. Make your own sculptures with wire and other materials inspired by Asawa’s art:

Xenobia Bailey & Liz Payne
Xenobia Bailey is an American fiber artist known for her vibrant and intricate crochet installations and wearable art inspired by African, Native American, and Caribbean cultural traditions. Liz Payne is a contemporary Australian textile artist celebrated for her vivid and whimsical hand-embroidered creations that often feature intricate patterns and imaginative designs. With these two artists as our inspiration, create your own color filled, mixed media artwork that mimics the vibrant patterns and dynamic textures of their work:

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Check out our other events in celebration of Women’s History Month and browse through the rest of our Power Up Afternoon offerings for more fun! Which of these amazing artists’ works speak to you? Let us know in the comments below!