The NBA Finals Rematch We All Wanted

There is a buzz floating around the Bay Area. And although it might seem similar to the buzz we experienced last June, this year it’s a little different. This year it’s a Golden State Warriors team that did the undefiable and unthinkable all season long. This year it’s a Golden State Warriors team that broke NBA records on a nightly basis, including the 72-win record that Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls achieved two decades ago - depending on who you ask, a record that was never supposed to be broken. And given the most recent upset that was handed to the Oklahoma City Thunder with the Warriors seemingly losing the series 3-to-1, I am almost now convinced that this Warriors season was lifted straight off a script from a 90's Disney movie.

But whether you think it's too good to be true or you totally saw this coming back in October, here they are again in the NBA Finals. The Warriors against an all-too-familiar Cleveland Cavaliers team. And this is exactly what everyone wanted, right? A healthy (and well rested) Cavs team with a lot to prove up against a team that quite possibly changed the sport forever. As much as the Warriors would love to win the championship in order to put that exclamation mark at the end of their dream season, the Cavs are also in quite the monumental hunt for victory themselves. And it's not because LeBron James has a hard time keeping promises, opens a new window, but because it will be the first NBA title for the city of Cleveland.

So which storyline will you choose? Will it be the team trying to bring a championship to its city for the first time ever, or will it be the team trying to establish one of the most coveted terms in professional sports - a "dynasty". I am sure you can figure out who I am rooting for by this biased-infused blog post, but I won't be quick to rule out the Cavs that easy. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are some of the most elite players in the league, and LeBron James is/was/will always be LeBron James. But for the sake of the Bay Area, the unanimously lovable Steph Curry, and that Klay Thompson trade that we are all glad didn't happen, opens a new window, let's just hope that my 90's Disney movie analogy stays true to the script. Because hey, the good guys usually won in the end of those movies. 😉