In-Person STEAM Programs at Your Library

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, or STEAM for short, are a collective set of disciplines that are designated as critically important for young learners and in today's fast-paced, competitive job market. We are committed to providing quality youth programming, beginning with programs for grades 2 - 5 that introduce and reinforce these concepts. Beginning in October, we will be offering in-person programs (inside and outside) that align with these core fields. All materials and supplies will be provided for these activities, so youth need only to show up ready to have tons of fun and learn something new while they're at it! Check out our event calendar for the dates and times at each of our locations. Register in advance to reserve a spot. Walk-ins will be welcomed based on availability.

Science: Bath Fizzers - October

Participants will make their own creation that sets off a fun, fizzy, and harmless chemical reaction during bath time. In addition to bringing home a self-made bath fizzer, youth will come away with an understanding of the core processes that make bath fizzers possible as well as the recipe to replicate the fun over and over at home!

Technology: Bobble Bots - November

During this build, learners will make a self-propelled "robot" using a motor and a button cell battery. Concepts of electricity, circuits, and positive and negative charges will be covered during the activity. Participants will be encouraged to decorate their creations to personalize their bots to foster the creativity that is proven to be so important in developing learners.

Engineering: Design A Latch - December

Have you ever looked at how a door is held shut? Working latches are complex systems that can be a real challenge to replicate with everyday materials. This project will task learners with creating a working latch system that can be secured and opened repeatedly using an array of different crafting materials. Of course, design thinking and storytelling during this activity is highly encouraged and attendees will be given plenty of opportunities to stretch their creativity to its limits.

Art: Sewn Stuffies - January

Consider this program like "Build-a-Bear", but with even more space for youth to personalize and customize their creations. They can work from provided templates or come up with a pattern all their own. This program focuses on highlighting the process of how these toys are made from start to finish and asks young participants to really consider and appreciate the design process while also having a good time. A special note that this activity will involve the use of sharp tools such as needles and scissors.

Mathematics: Origami - February

Celebrate Lunar New Year while exploring the mathematical concepts of symmetry, geometry, and patterns by learning how to make an origami tiger and a paper envelope. Additional templates and projects will be provided to inspire personalization.

Take and Make

This monthly series provides students in grades 2 - 5 with highly engaging take-home kits. These kits are centered on the principles of process art, which emphasizes the learning that happens through less-structured explorative activities. Many of these kits are open-ended and include little to no written instructions, allowing participants to maximize their creativity. Kits are distributed in small batches each day, while supplies last.

Schedule of Take and Makes:

  • October 18-23: Make a Monster
  • November 15-20: Friendship Bracelets
  • December 13-18: Hanging Art Mobile
  • January 17-22: Watercolor Drip Art
  • February 14-19: Imaginative Architecture

We are so excited to be returning to in-person programming and we look forward to these and many more programs in the months ahead. Don't forget to check our calendar of events to be a part of the STEAM Team!