Read All About It: Newspaper Access

You may be surprised to find that some of our libraries still carry physical newspapers, but it’s true! While not everyone reads a physical newspaper these days, the news is still very much an important part of our lives. That is why San Mateo County Libraries wants to make news accessible to our patrons.

Newspaper Access

Depending on the library, you may find physical copies of:

  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Mateo Daily Journal
  • The Mercury News
  • Barrons & Almanac
  • Sing Tao Daily
  • El Opinion

With your library card, you can access the following newspapers virtually using our Online Resources:

Historical Newspapers

Historical archives of newspapers are available for researchers, students and interested history buffs. Our Digital Newspaper Collection hosts microfilm from local newspapers in a digital format. Microfilm is an analog technique used to keep copies of newspapers before modern scanners could turn paper copies into digital files. They are essentially tiny photographs that require special equipment to view them properly, but now they have been digitized for your convenience.

Specialty News Databases

Library cardholders also have access to a variety of specialty online news databases.

Black Life in America showcases the experience and impact of African Americans throughout history, from the early 18th century to today.

Hispanic Life in America compiles news articles about Hispanic history, spanning from the arrival of Spaniards and the Cuban Missile Crisis to the impact of Latin Pop music.

AsianWeek has been bringing AAPI history to life since their first issue in 1979.

News For You is a helpful resource for English language learners or those with disabilities. News For You simplifies complex or lengthy news articles into a shorter and simply worded format. You can listen to articles aloud or read them alongside a vocabulary list to help you define any words you may be unsure about.

Stay informed on the latest news of today, or yesterday, with all of our different newspaper options!