Fuel Your Next Manga Binge

There once was a time where the only way to watch anime was either on TV or by ordering VHS tapes through the mail. Now, we are in an age where anime is available at our fingertips with online streaming platforms. And yet, this is still not enough for many anime fans who simply must know what happens next!

Instead of agonizing over your favorite anime's latest cliffhanger, continue the story by reading ahead in the manga, the Japanese graphic novels that many anime shows are based on. We have manga collections across all thirteen of our library locations. If your local library doesn't currently have the manga you're seeking in stock, you can place a hold to make sure you have enough manga volumes, or tankōbon, to last you the whole weekend.  

Manga at the Library

While you’re waiting for future episodes of Delicious in Dungeon or Spy x Family, you can start reading the series from the beginning and see what changed between the manga and the animated adaptation. Many of our series are available both in book and e-reader format! For example, fan favorite Komi Can’t Communicate is available on the Libby app for both desktop and mobile up to Volume 29.  You can find other binge-worthy manga and anime on Hoopla and The Palace Project App. Check out some of our favorite series available at our libraries!

Delicious in Dungeon

Spy X Family

Komi Can't Communicate

Vinland Saga

Fruits Basket

Kamisama Kiss

Animal Crossing: New Horizons