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While some schools, public libraries, tutoring facilities, and other community learning centers have temporarily closed,, opens a new window is always open with free online resources, opens a new window available to access from home 24/7. 

We have resources to help you with homework, live online tutoring, early literacy tools, and more. We also offer resources for teens and middle schoolers as well as fun resources for kids of all ages.

Live Tutoring and Virtual Study Rooms

Can’t meet up with your study buddies in person? Meet up virtually with Brainfuse HelpNow’s, opens a new window MEET private virtual study rooms. Rooms come with a digital whiteboard so you can jot down ideas and all sessions can be recorded.

HelpNow also provides online live tutoring in both English and Spanish as well as an online writing lab where you can get real-time feedback on assignments. There is also a library of video lessons, flashcards, educational games, practice tests and more.

Need help getting started? Watch this tutorial on Brainfuse in English, opens a new window and en Español, opens a new window.

Early Childhood Literacy and Learning

Children ages 2 to 8  will enjoy exploring ABCMouse, opens a new window, an interactive resource with curriculum covering reading, phonics, sight words, math, art geography, music, and much more. Lessons and activities are available in Spanish as well. Lessons are tailored to specific ages and feature an adorable mouse and his friends.

With our ABCMouse at home program, you can check out an ABCMouse license for four weeks and during this time, you can measure and track your child’s progress. Find out more about the ABCMouse home program here, opens a new window.

Bring story time to life and read-a-long with TumbleBook Library, opens a new window, a collection of picture books, graphic novels, and nonfiction books with added narration, animation, and sound. There are no holds on TumbleBooks so you can start reading together instantly! TumbleBook Library also has a collection of National Geographic Videos, language learning videos, as well as interactive word and memory games. This tutorial, opens a new window on Tumblebooks can help you get started. 

Support for Book and Research Reports

Whether you’re looking for resources for a book report or just something really good to read, we have the tools to help you! is a suite of databases, generously made available by the California State Library, that provides multimedia content to complement children’s and young adult books.

Students and parents can access six TeachingBooks databases, opens a new window through San Mateo County Libraries:

Got a reluctant reader? TeachingBooks can help make reading fun and engaging! You can simply search for a book by title, author, subject, or list and find supplemental material to enhance the experience. Parents also have access to lesson plans incorporating the book as well as discussion guides for study groups.

Novelist K-8, opens a new window is a reading discovery tool that can help you find books for school or for pleasure! Find books and reading lists based on age, mood, theme, genre, and more. You can even use the “appeal mixer tool” to combine categories and adjectives to find the perfect book. Witty world-building books with a strong female lead, anyone? (Novelist suggests Nimona, opens a new window). Check out the tutorial if you need help using Novelist, opens a new window.

Our reference databases, opens a new window are tailored especially to elementary school students. You can easily search for information by topic, such as animals, biographies, geography and more. The full-text databases incorporate children’s magazines, encyclopedic entries and images.

Make sure to check out all of the online resources, opens a new window we offer. From streaming media to informative databases to virtual learning, we’ve got something for everyone. Stay tuned for future blog posts on these wonderful, free library resources.


當大部分學校, 公共圖書館, 補習社, 和其他社區學習中心暫時關閉的時候,聖馬刁縣電子圖書館總是24小時開放和提供免費網上學習資源。 這些網上資源包括課外作業輔導,即時網上輔導,早期兒童識字工具,及更多!


不能和你的學習夥伴見面嗎?沒關係,Brainfuse HelpNow 提供個人虛擬見面房間讓你可以和夥伴學一起學習。虛擬房間內有電子白板讓你可以寫下你的理念和主意。而且所有會議都可以有紀錄。
HelpNow 也可以為你提供即時網上輔導和寫作練習室。當你問問題和練習寫作時,網上輔導員可以即時解答你的問題和提供寫作建議。還有更多的視頻課程,抽認卡,教學遊戲,模擬試題。


2-8歲的小孩會享受探索ABCMouse, opens a new window,一個和小孩互動的網上資源。它的課程涵蓋閱讀,英語音標,視覺詞語,數學,地理藝術,音樂和更多。每一個課程都是特別為各個不同兒童年齡層而設。還有可愛的老鼠和它的朋友陪你的小孩一起學習。

在這段時間,我們的ABCMouse家庭計畫可以讓你用圖書證借出4個星期的在家使用權。你可以測量和追蹤你孩子的學習進度。想獲取更多資訊關於 ABCMouse家庭計畫,可以點擊這裡
TumbleBook Library 將故事時間帶到你的生活。這個資源內有一系列的兒童圖書,漫畫,和非小說書籍,伴隨著敘述,動畫,和聲效。當中包括國家地理雜誌製作的視頻,語言學習視頻,和單詞記憶互動遊戲。這個輔導視頻, opens a new window可以幫助你開始使用 TumbleBook。


不論你是在尋找讀書報告的資訊或探索有趣的英文書籍來閱讀,我們都有工具幫助你! 是一個豐富資料庫,由加州圖書館慷慨地提供,內有多媒體資訊去補充兒童和年輕人的書籍。

孩童不太願意閱讀嗎? TeachingBooks 可以幫你使閱讀更有趣!你可以簡單地透過搜索書名,作者,科目或閱讀清單,找到補充資料去提高閱讀經驗。家長還可以獲取和書本有關連的課程計劃和討論指引。
Novelist K-8 是一個閱讀探索工具,它可以幫助你尋找學校書籍和課外書,透過搜尋年齡,主題,心情,內容類型等關鍵字。你可以甚至使用一個工具叫做 "appeal mixer tool” 去合拼內容範疇和形容詞找到適合閱讀者的書。建造世界機智的書和堅強的女性領導人,有誰?(Novelist 建議 Nimona). 如需要幫助使用 Novelist, opens a new window, 請參考這個教學視頻。