MLB’s Dog Days of Summer

Happy August, everyone! Summer is halfway through, Target already has their Halloween section up and Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is officially in our rear-view mirror. At this point of the grueling 162-game season, baseball nerds alike can now make an educated assumption of which teams have a fighting chance at the postseason and which teams are now most likely playing for pride. But for those who love the game regardless of their team's success, August is an exciting time for various reasons.

Baseball has always been a sport that I've enjoyed watching since I was a kid. Although it is sometimes labeled as "that boring sport", I love it. And honestly, the fact that it is boring might be my favorite aspect of the game. Baseball is a slow game, but it's a slow game of wits. Add your occasional mixing and matching of players, some highly analyzed statistics and a little bit of luck, and you basically figured out the recipe on how to play the game. Baseball is often compared to a game of chess where each manager has the ability to use different pieces (who all have specific talents) at any time of the game in order to gain the best probability for a promising outcome. And I think that is awesome. Call me crazy, but there aren't too many things more exhilarating than watching a 1-to-1 tied ballgame in the 9th inning (I know, right? My life must be a roller coaster).

So anyways, back to the topic at hand. This season has already shaped up to be an exciting one for baseball. We've had teams, opens a new window tempt fate all season long, we've had teams forced to shelf (no pun intended) their best players, opens a new window due to injuries and now we're seeing some pretty key players traded, opens a new window off to other teams - plus, it's an even-year none the less (hint, hint, hint). Which brings us to the beginning of August, the exciting "Dog Days of Summer", opens a new window, where these teams that have that postseason chance really need to make the extra push to stray away from the rest of their division. So if you've ever wanted to give baseball a try, I say start watching some games now that we're in August. And if you don't know who to root for, I say go for the underdog. You'd be surprised what your team can accomplish and how far you can get when your back is up against the wall.

Who will you be rooting for? Tell us in the comments below.