Working on Getting That Next Job? These Partner Programs Can Help!

People look for jobs and change them for many reasons. But the methods involved in getting those jobs, in most cases, stay the same. In a time when a world of information is readily available at our fingertips, cutting through the noise and finding helpful resources can be overwhelming. We want to help take some of the stress out of what is already stressful for most of us. To do that, we are partnering with SJPL Works, opens a new window and the Employment Development Department, opens a new window to bring some new programming to help you land that next job!

You can see our dates for all upcoming sessions and register for them by clicking on the program titles below:

Labor Market Information: Find Your Next Job

This workshop provides job seekers the basics of how to master the use of Labor Market Information (LMI), opens a new window as an essential tool to make informed, accurate decisions on how to get a job, improve your skills, and enhance your careers. The Labor Market Information Division (LMID) is the official source for California's Labor Market Information. They collect, analyze, and publish statistical data and reports on California's labor force, industries, occupations, employment projections, wages, and other important labor market and economic data. This presentation is your chance to have a representative walk you through the wealth of information this resource provides. This workshop is lead in conjunction with SJPL Works, opens a new window and the Employment Development Department, opens a new window.

How to Get a California State Job

Learn how to make your next job a career, and make a difference by working at the State of California. As a state employee, you will be able to work on programs that are vital to the economic growth of our communities. The State of California provides a wide variety of services. Whether you're looking for a job in accounting or woodworking — there is a job for you! Learn how to maximize your chances with this workshop lead in conjunction with SJPL Works, opens a new window and the Employment Development Department, opens a new window.

The Winning Resume

Join a representative from the Employment Development Department, opens a new window for a workshop on the vital steps you can take to make your resume top notch. Job seekers will learn how to construct an effective and winning resume for today’s job market. You will learn: the purpose of a resume, the three types of resumes, the components of a resume, and what to avoid when making your own. This session will give you the tools you need to draft a new resume or revise a current one. Please be sure to attend this webinar if you are planning on signing up for a 1-on-1 Resume Critique with EDD.

Interactive Interview Skills

A new offering coming March 2021, Interactive Interview Skills is a webinar-style program that will seek to provide attendees with some strong interview fundamentals that can serve you no matter the job market or field. A great program for interview beginners or those looking to structure their approach to interviewing. After being given some tips, tricks and best practices, you will be able to participate in role-playing and answering interview questions to help practice what has been covered.

Interactive Interview Skills is held on the second Monday of the month.

1-on-1 Resume Review

For those confident in the fundamentals of resume writing and those looking for something a little more specialized than what a webinar may offer when it comes to a specific resume and job search, we suggest a 1-on-1 resume review with an Employment Development Department , opens a new windowrepresentative. This session will provide specialized help tailored to your specific skill set, your resume, and your job search. Submit a draft of your resume prior to your appointment time and your specialist will be able to give you specific feedback and things to consider as you prepare to submit the document to potential employers.

Sessions are held the first four Fridays of every month at 10:00 AM. You will be asked to submit a draft of a resume when you register for your appointment time.

Mock Interview

A place to put your own personal experience into practice. The mock interview will be comprised of a panel of two EDD coaches and one participant (maybe you, reader!). EDD panelists will ask you generalized interview questions in a digital mock interview environment. The stakes are low, but the goal is to keep the realism high! Upon conclusion of the 30 minute interview, panelists will provide you feedback and tips on areas for improvement as well as highlight bright spots during the session. You will walk away having a greater sense of your interview strengths as well as be provided resources for your next steps.

Mock Interviews are held on the first four Wednesdays of every month at 10:00 AM.

CalJobs, opens a new window

We encourage participants for all of these programs to registering for a CalJOBs account, opens a new window. Call EDD Workforce Services Branch representatives at (408) 216-6200 or send an email to the San Jose Field Office at for help setting up your CalJobs account.

From job listing databases to resume templates and builders, CalJobs is a valuable resource for job seekers.