Getting Started With LinkedIn Learning

A great online resource to access with your library card is LinkedIn Learning! They have videos and audio content on everything a person could want to learn to improve skills, understand a professional process or strengthen their leadership techniques.

I used it to brush up my skills to assist with project management tasks, change management strategies and even to find ways to talk about microaggressions. I was shocked when I saw they even have tutorials for getting started on all kinds of software, applications and web-related platforms and design.

For folks looking to make themselves marketable and demonstrate staying current with industry standards, the tutorials provide a certificate of completion! These look great on resumes and even in performance reviews to speak to the efforts you have made to expand your knowledge base.

Some great courses to get you started are: 

  • Introduction to Career Skills in Software Development
  • Top 10 Rules for Highly Effective Leadership
  • Master Microsoft Excel

More Career Resources for Job-Seekers

San Mateo County Libraries supports job-seekers and lifelong learners through our career workshops and online resources. And thanks to a generous program through the California State Library, San Mateo County Libraries cardholders have access to even more resources. Learn all about each of these services or get started on your career path by visiting the below: