Introducing ReferenceUSA: A Job & Business Research Database

San Mateo County Libraries is excited to offer ReferenceUSA to help our community research businesses, find jobs, choose a doctor, or locate a long lost friend. Whether you are conducting market research to find out where to locate your new business or trying to find a new job, ReferenceUSA has you covered with access to 10 unique databases. You can even create a personal account that allows you to save searches and create lists.

Resources for Job Seekers

The U.S. Jobs/Internship database not only provides access to search for employment listings, it also has information catered to new audiences such as the “Starting Your Career” section that offers a career and college explorer, ways to assess skills and interests, and test prep for the SAT, ACT, LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

There is also a section to get general job search tips, interview tips, resume writing help, and a snapshot of the current job market. Information can be found on internships, student jobs, and continuing education. ReferenceUSA even has a way to help you estimate your salary and evaluate your job offer.

Tools for Businesses

If you are looking to find business data, conduct market research, or build sales leads, ReferenceUSA has some great tools. The US Businesses/Employers USA database allows you to create a customized marketing list by entering in the target criteria of a customer and giving you the name, address, and phone numbers of those businesses that closely match the criteria of the target customer. You can do anything from a basic search of your competitors to a more general search on a specific business.

Another great resource in the business database is the market research tool, opens a new window. If you are looking to open a business in an area, you can see the profiles and sizes of similar businesses in the area to see if your target business market is already saturated.

For more tips and information on ReferenceUSA, visit the Learning Center, opens a new window or view our tutorial, opens a new window. If you still need more help, please feel free to text us at (650) 851-0147, call us at 1-833-YES-SMCL (1-833-937-7625) or email us.