Take Steps Toward Financial Literacy

Keeping track of your finances can be difficult and confusing. April is Financial Literacy Month and San Mateo County Libraries has resources to help you become more financial literate. Financially literacy means being fluent in financial skills like money management, investing and budgeting.  

Online Financial Resources

Here are some of our Online Resources that can help you learn, understand and practice financial literacy.  

Financial Ratings, opens a new window grants you access to trusted guides to stocks, mutual funds, banking, insurance companies and more online resources with the Financial Ratings Series. There are also helpful tools on making a personalized budget, managing your debt and starting a 401K. 

Financial Times, opens a new window is an international daily newspaper that focuses on business and economic current affairs. We are one of the first public library systems in the United States to provide access to Financial Times!

LinkedIn Learning, opens a new window has hundreds of different tutorials that focus on personal finance and maximizing your job potential. 

Books on Financial Literacy

In addition to virtual resources, our libraries also carry lots of books that can help you become financially literate. Here are some of our favorites:

Girls That Invest   

Personal Finance for Dummies

Finance for the People   


The Everything Budgeting Book

Personal Finance 101

401(k)s & IRAs for Dummies

The Wealth Decision