Boost Your Career and Learn New Skills With the Library

At San Mateo County Libraries, we know that new skills are valuable to our thriving communities. Our libraries are a great place to find training resources for you to upskill, reskill and power up your career. 

Webster defines skill as “a learned power of doing something competently." Our skills are things we have learned to do well and use in our jobs and in our daily lives. If you are ready to power up your career, seek out a new job or pick up a new gig, upskilling and reskilling through trainings and classes are a means to success. 

To upskill is to build out your skills in an area that you are already good at, and you want to get better or build upon.  

Reskilling is learning a new skill that’s adjacent to something you can already do. 

Up-to-date skills are always in demand in industries from high tech to the trades, to service industries and the arts. Sometimes opportunities await in areas where skills are needed that are similar to ones you already have and with some up-to-date training, you can seize these opportunities. 

How the Library Can Help You Learn New Skills

We have numerous classes and training options available on our website and at our branches. Here is a sampling of resources you can access at San Mateo County Libraries. 

  • Career Online High School If you are over 19, you can get a high school diploma online for free! 
  • Learning Express Library Prep for professional exams in the trades, real estate, teaching and more.  
  • Pronunciator Take a language learning class in any of 163 languages.   
  • LinkedIn Learning Master everything from Photoshop to project management. 
  • Explore our resources in person Come into any of our community libraries
  • Search our Events calendar Find valuable skill-building programs in person and via virtual events.  
  • Check out our books, audiobooks and tech equipment Use our tech at the library, or borrow a laptop or hotspot to help you get online.
  • Attend Makerspace programs and workshops Learn how to 3D print, laser cut, use a sewing machine and more in our Makerspaces.
  • ESL Check out ongoing programs and resources for English language learners.

Need help finding a training resource? Talk with our Customer Care, we're here to help, via call, text or email.

Learning something new can be intimidating. The library is a wonderful place to try something out before you invest in a school, university program, equipment or workshop. 

How will you improve your life with the resources at San Mateo County Libraries

Visit us online or in-branch for inspiration and exploration to develop your next skill.