Computer Science Education Week

What’s your superpower? Is it speed or agility? Strength or endurance? Or maybe just sheer brainpower?

According to supermodel Karlie Kloss, opens a new window, her secret superpower is computer science. Maybe computer science could be your superpower, too!

Join us as we celebrate Computer Science Education Week, opens a new window with fun tech activities at San Mateo County Libraries near you. Whether you’d like to try your hand at coding, electronic circuits, or even creating your own cool music beats, there’s something for everyone. No experience necessary!

Need more reasons why computer science is so super? Watch these videos:

Awesome Books to Help Get You Started!

Coding Games in Scratch

Coding Projects in Scratch

Coding With Scratch Workbook

How to Code

Get Coding!

Coding Projects in Python

Girls Who Code

Video Games

3D Game Programming for Kids

Help your Kids With Computer Coding

Why do you think Computer Science Education Week and events like Hour of Code are so important? Tell us in the Comments section below.