Meet SimplyE: Your One-Stop-Shop for eBooks & eAudiobooks!

If you’re feeling app-fatigued, SimplyE might be the solution for your reading and listening needs! The SimplyE app is a convenient way to access library eBooks and eAudiobooks, as well as thousands of works in the public domain. SimplyE consolidates San Mateo County Libraries’ Overdrive, Axis 360, enki, and public domain eBooks and eAudiobooks into a single collection.

SimplyE was developed by staff from the New York Public Library who wanted to make the eBook/eAudiobook experience easier for library users. The app is designed with you in mind – the reader/listener! San Mateo County Libraries has a robust collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks, but it can be time-consuming and tricky to discover everything we offer. SimplyE can help save you time from downloading multiple apps and searching through various eBook/eAudiobook services to find what you like.

Getting Started With SimplyE

  1. Install the free SimplyE app from the app store on your Android, opens a new window, iOS, opens a new window (iPhone/iPad), or Kindle Fire, opens a new window device.
  2. If this is your first time using the SimplyE app, select Find Your Library and then scroll down to select San Mateo County Libraries. If you’ve used the SimplyE app before from another library, go to Settings > Accounts > Add Library and select San Mateo County Libraries.
  3. Save your San Mateo County Libraries card number (starting with 29041) and PIN for easy checkout by going to Settings > Accounts > San Mateo County Libraries, entering your information and tapping Log In.
  4. Go to Catalog to browse titles. Tap a title you're interested in reading/listening to, tap Get and the title will be downloaded. If the title is not currently available, tap Reserve to place a hold.
  5. Go to My Books to see your checkouts and Reservations to see your holds.


  • The SimplyE app consolidates San Mateo County Libraries’ Overdrive, Axis 360, Enki, and public domain eBooks and eAudiobooks into a single collection.

  • Hoopla is not integrated with the SimplyE app at this time, but there are plans to do so in the future.

  • Yes, your checked out eBooks and eAudiobooks will show up, but you may not be able to access them in the SimplyE app depending on where you downloaded them. For example, if you borrowed and downloaded an eBook using OverDrive Libby, you may not be able to access it in SimplyE. Your activity in the OverDrive, Libby, and Axis 360 apps may interfere with SimplyE.

  • Yes! You can add multiple libraries as long as they offer the SimplyE app and you have a valid card with those libraries

  • Make sure you are using a stable Internet connection and try downloading again. If the problem continues, report the issue in the SimplyE app by scrolling down to the bottom of a title screen and clicking Report Issue.

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