We Love our Libraries, and Here’s How We Show It!

All year-round, San Mateo County Libraries aim to strengthen our community by creating an inclusive sense of place and an environment for learning. We can’t do that without the help of patrons who love our libraries as much as we do!

That’s why we’re launching a “We Love our Libraries” civility campaign to promote and celebrate patrons who show their library love by being mindful of others, keeping spaces clean, and caring for library materials. Together, we ensure that our libraries are accessible and inviting for all, and is a space for our communities to come together, explore and grow.

You may see signage in our libraries with kind reminders and encouragement, and we hope you’ll join us in carrying them out! For example, here are a few signs you might see at your library and some context behind their meaning.

"Thank you for... being mindful of others"

Treating all library visitors with respect ensures that everyone—regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, and ability—has access to use library services.

Additionally, many people use the library for different purposes, whether it be for a quiet study place, working collaboratively, or playing in a children's area. Zones within the library are defined as quieter or louder spaces for those needs. Please remember to use our designated spaces appropriately and to be mindful of the needs of your neighbor.

"Thank you for... helping us keep spaces clean"

We hope you’ll keep our spaces clean and care for it as if it were your own home. Keeping your area clean helps facilitate a welcoming and tidy environment. We kindly ask patrons to obey food and drink rules, place trash and recyclables in the proper bin, and to keep your feet on the floor and off furniture.

"We appreciate... your care for library materials"

One of the best ways to show your library love is to take care of library resources. After all, nobody likes opening a book to find pages missing or a drink stain! Please be careful when handling materials and avoid damaging books through highlighting, underlining, or folding pages.

If you have any questions about library policies, please ask our staff for assistance.

We hope that our communities can uplift one another with respect, responsibility and civility. Thank you for joining our “We Love our Libraries” campaign and assuring that our libraries are open for exploration to all.