March Take & Make: Watch It Grow!

Spring is upon us, and now is the time for seeds, bulbs and flowers to blossom! This month our theme for the Take & Make kits for kids is Watch it Grow! We will plant some beans, nurture them and watch them sprout and grow.

Pick up your March Take & Make kit at any of our San Mateo County Libraries locations from March 14-19, 2022. Kits are available first come, first served while supplies last. Instructions for the project are included with the kits.

Plants need water, air, sunlight and soil to grow, but these bean seeds can sprout without soil. Why? Because all the food the seed needs to start growing is already inside the seed. It just needs a little help from you. This project lets us watch a seed (our beans) germinate, opens a new window, or begin to sprout, with just a little added water and sunshine. The seed provides food for itself for a short time, and then you must plant the seedling in soil for it to continue to grow.

Make sure to plant several beans during your experiment! Some seeds are able to sprout better than others. The stems can get really tall, so you might need to attach a stake to the stem as the plant gets bigger. A little love and patience are the magic ingredients to help your bean grow.

Check out some of our favorite books about seeds, gardening and the magic of beans below.

March Take & Make: Watch It Grow!

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Our March Take & Make kits help kids learn about the growth of a bean into a larger plant. Use any of these books to continue learning or to have fun imagining how large your plant may grow!

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