Sustainability in San Mateo County

We’re always looking for more ways to create sustainable practices in San Mateo County!

This summer we’re partnering with the County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability, opens a new window to educate a new generation of environmental stewards. Throughout July, our Middle Scholars summer program is hosting workshops in all of our communities to teach tweens to upcycle old materials and be mindful of the environmental impact of consumer culture.

Make Your Home More Sustainable

Do you want to make your energy and water use at home as efficient as possible? You can protect the environment and save money with a Home Energy and Water Saving Toolkit, available for checkout at any library in San Mateo County. Highlights of the kit are a Kill-A-Watt Meter, infrared laser thermometer and drip gauge, along with consumable items users may keep such as a low-flow shower head and LED lightbulb.

More Resources From the Office of Sustainability

How will you help create a more sustainable world?