Review: Gilded Cage by Vic James

Teen Guest Blogger: Nikita

Gilded Cage by Vic James is a fantasy book set in an alternate version of modern England. The community is divided into two main groups based on “Skill.” Those who have the "Skill" (ability to perform magic) are treated as royalty and are called “Equals.” The rest are “Commoners,” who serve the "Equals" for ten years in a period called “Slave Days.”

Gilded Cage is written in viewpoints of multiple characters, which is one of my favorite aspects about the book. It satisfies my curiosity as to what different characters feel about the same event. The plot is fast-paced and jumps between past, present, future and also two different settings. It includes lots of interesting opinions and twists. Naturally, with aristocracy involved there is A LOT of politics. The presence of magic makes the political aspect more interesting. There certainly are a few dark themes and views mostly related to oppression, which is why I would suggest the book to high-schoolers and above.

I did like the book and am eager to read the next book because I am curious as to what happens. But it is not a book that keeps me thinking for days nor is it a book that I would keep coming back to.

Age Rating: Teens and adults

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Gilded Cage (Book)

Gilded Cage (eBook)