Rev Up Summer Learning With Kids’ eMagazines

Looking for some educational and fun summer activities? Check out our kids eMagazines! We’ve got kids’ magazines covering topics ranging from animals, sports, science to social issues. There are even two magazines en español. All you need is your library card to get started with these award-winning eMagazines.

San Mateo County Libraries has two different eMagazine platforms:

  • Flipster: You can browse eMagazines online or checkout and read offline for three to seven days.
  • RBDigital (formerly Zinio): You can check out as many magazines as you want—there are never any holds or due dates. Once you download the title, it stays on your device until you delete it.

There are no limits to how many eMagazines you can check out from either platform!

Flipster eMagazines

Learn about a different animal in every issue! Discover the anatomy, habitat, socialization, and ecological role of an animal in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Ranger Rick
Like Zoobooks, Ranger Rick is published by the National Wildlife Federation, opens a new window. It offers fun activities for children to help them engage with the world outdoors and become advocates for the environment.

Boys' Life
The monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, opens a new window for readers ages 6 to 18. The magazine has comics, fun activities to try, and information about scouting.

Girls' Life
Despite the name similarity, Girls’ Life is not associated with the Girl Scouts of America, opens a new window. It covers a mix of heavy and light topics, such as fashion and social issues. It provides advice on peer pressure and self-esteem and is targeted to middle school-aged girls.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Sports Illustrated Kids provides a kid-friendly perspective on the world of U.S. and international sports. There are photos, games, comics, and articles about both professional and kid athletes.

RBdigital eMagazines (formerly Zinio)

Highlights for Children
Perhaps one of the most well-known children’s magazines, Highlights provides games, puzzles, stories, and comics for children. Highlights is geared to elementary school-aged children ages six to ten years old.

Highlights High Five
This children's magazine is for preschoolers ages two through six. The goal of High Five is to help children develop and to give parent and child a fun and meaningful activity to do together each month. Every issue is 40 pages and includes poems and stories, crafts, easy recipes, games, puzzles and other activities that encourage children to be lifelong learners.

American Girl
For girls ages 8-12, American Girl magazine provides craft ideas, games, and quizzes as well as advice on school, friendship and social issues.

What was your favorite magazine as a child? Mine was Ranger Rick! Share your favorite in the comments.