Planning the Perfect Road Trip

It might be late in the game, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my Summer vacation. My family and I have done the stay-cation thing, the flight-to-a-destination thing, the camping-cabin thing, but we've never really conquered a road-trip thing; the type of road trip that movies are made of 🙂 (Maybe not of that caliber, but something just as exciting.)

Do we go north or south, east or...west? We're as west as you can get by car, so that would be a "no." I'm thinking north - up the coast, through Oregon, Washington, possibly Vancouver, although that would be pushing it - in a car with family for how long? Maybe not. I think a little research is in order before I fill up the tank. Below are some recommended travel books and a video for tips.

I'll keep you posted on our travel plans - wish me luck!

Share your travel plans in the comments below. You might inspire me.