National Sandwich Day

It’s November! We are officially knee deep in the food heavy holiday season.

But there’s one food themed holiday you may not know about. November 3rd is National Sandwich Day, opens a new window. Why November 3rd? Well that’s because on November 3rd, 1718, John Montagu, opens a new window a.k.a the 4th Earl of Sandwich was born. He’s credited with inventing the modern sandwich. The story goes that he loved to gamble. He wouldn’t even take a break to eat a meal. He’d ask his servants to just bring him some meat between two pieces of bread to save time. Others saw this and began asking for the same as Sandwich was having and the modern sandwich was born.

Now sandwiches are more than just boring old peanut butter and jelly. There are sandwiches with macaroni and cheese inside, deep fried sandwiches, waffle maker sandwiches, and more. If you can imagine it, then you can sandwich it.

Books for Some Sandwich Inspiration


The Big New York Sandwich Book

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Num Pang

Roadfood Sandwiches

Simple Italian Sandwiches

And Don't Forget Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

I Scream Sandwich!

What's your favorite type of Sandwich? Let us know in the comments.