March is National Reading Month!

Did you know that March marks National Reading Month? National Reading Month is designed to help us revive our reading habits and celebrate the importance of literature. Why is it celebrated in March, you may ask? It’s chosen in honor of the famous author and illustrator of children’s books, Dr. Seuss, whose birthday falls during this month. This year, Dr. Seuss turns 120 years old!

Engaging in reading offers numerous benefits such as brain connectivity, vocabulary expansion, stimulation of imagination, stress level reduction and more. Some tips to improve your literacy skills include setting a reading goal, encouraging your children to read books of all genres, incorporating art into literacy activities for a playful approach, creating a cozy reading area in your home or joining a book club. There's no better time to visit one of our library locations, explore our collection and check out books than now. If you’re interested in reading a new book and discussing it amongst others, we host many different book clubs that you can join. 

These are some of our favorite captivating reads from a variety of genres, topics and age levels—there's something for everyone to enjoy this National Reading Month!

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