Let the Madness Begin!

“Did I Ever Mention I'm From Kentucky?”

There are only two times a year I can drop Kentucky into casual conversation without directly referring to my pilgrimage from Kentucky to California. One is to tell stories of what Louisville, KY (my hometown) is like during Derby time. The other is in March where I become a rabid part of the Big Blue Nation, opens a new window, as I watch my alma mater the University of Kentucky, opens a new window play in the NCAA tournament, opens a new window.

Yes, It Is March Madness!!!

The name March Madness was coined in 1982 by sportscaster Brent Musburger, opens a new window during his coverage of the games. During this annual period of time, productivity takes a nose dive and collegiate school spirit is at an all-time high as fans across the nation follow the twists and turns of each game of the NCAA tournament. From March 14th to April 3rd there are twenty days of basketball action as 68 teams are whittled down to one.There will be statistics, odds, rivalries, wildly off predictions, controversies, moments of glory and a lot of tears.

No matter if your team is a No. 2 seed (like mine—Go Big Blue!), No. 16 seed or it’s your team's first time to the big dance, like Northwestern University, there will be memories etched into our hearts and into history.

So as you wait for your picks to play, take some time to catch up on the history of the NCAA championship by checking out these titles from San Mateo County Libraries.

NCAA March Madness

The Big Dance

March Madness

Glory Road

Who are you rooting for?