Learn to Achieve Zero Waste with Anne-Marie Bonneau

Are you interested in learning about living with as little plastic, food waste, and stuff as possible? Join us on Wednesday, April 21 at 7:00 PM for an evening with Anne-Marie Bonneau as she tells us about her debut book The Zero-Waste Chef. Bonneau will share her experience working towards zero-waste, motivational facts, and simple fixes to ease you into wasting less.

Bonneau is the blogger behind Zero-Waste Chef and she has lived plastic-free since 2011. She shows others how reducing their trash not only benefits the planet but also satisfies their taste buds, improves their well-being, and boosts their bank accounts. A Canadian transplant, Bonneau lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two daughters and her sourdough starter, Eleanor.

In her new book, Bonneau hopes to give readers the facts to motivate them with simple (and usually free) fixes to ease into wasting less. For example, you can do away with plastic wrap by simply inverting a plate over your leftovers! From delicious recipes like Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding, homemade pesto from wilted greens, and Yes Whey, You Can Make Ricotta, The Zero-Waste Chef will divulge ways to use up all your groceries, reduce plastics, and move closer to achieving a zero-waste kitchen.

Register in advance for this author talk and pick up a copy of The Zero-Waste Chef through Curbside Services, opens a new window. We will be giving away free copies of the book while supplies last at all of our community libraries during Curbside Services hours from Thursday, April 15 to Saturday, April 17 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you would like to purchase your own copy of the book, you can do so via our Library Foundation

Praise for Bonneau and Zero-Waste Chef

"A timely and much needed resource. We love the way Anne-Marie gives us manageable, actionable steps so that we can waste less in our own day-to-day lives.”

Tracy, Dana, Lori, and Corky Pollan, New York Times bestselling authors of Mostly Plants

The sobering facts surrounding food and plastic waste cannot be denied. Anne-Marie’s encouraging, smart, practical, and delicious reduction strategies are simple enough to be implemented immediately in the home. This book is brimming with: genius uses for typically discarded products like nut pulp and vegetable peels, empowering recipes for homemade staples like apple cider vinegar and mustard, and a no-holds-barred enthusiasm for the never ending uses of a glass jar.”

Laura Wright, author of The First Mess