Join the Hangout at SMCL

Escape the summer social doldrums at the Hangout, opens a new window every Thursday afternoon at 3 PM. Starting on June 11, meet up with other teens from all over San Mateo County for virtual games. We’ll host activities like online trivia, Jackbox Games, breakout rooms, and more for those who are 13-18 years old.

First Up: Jackbox Games

Jackbox has made a name for itself by releasing “party packs” that challenge users creatively as well as test their knowledge of pop culture. Genres range from classic gameshow style trivia, to joke writing, to adlibbing fake social media responses. Each game brings something slightly different to the table, and all reward quick thinking. Your tablet, cell, or computer serve as your controller, though a computer and another handheld device provide the optimal experience.

Sign up now, opens a new window and every Thursday we'll send you the details and a link to the 3 PM hangout.

Look Forward To:

Dungeons and Dragons

Hello current or future role player, are you itching to start a new campaign of Dungeons and Dragons with others from all over San Mateo County? Starting this summer, San Mateo County Libraries will be leading campaigns in which you can display your mastery of the game or learn in a relaxed setting all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a noob, a level 20 Half-Elf warlock, or somewhere in between, we look forward to seeing you on the field of battle or in the tavern after a long day’s quest.

Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Calling all teen entrepreneurs! Maybe you’ve got a business idea, and you might even have a plan, but have you explored the ethical implications of your business? Sometimes it can be helpful to look at a problem or idea through a new perspective. Join us for an approximately 90-minute interactive online session where we'll learn more about how ethical and unethical choices affect everyone in a community. We'll help you explore personal values, character development, and ethics while we discuss related issues using the Junior Achievement Excellence through Ethics, opens a new window™ module.

Sign up, opens a new window to let us know you’re interested and when you're available. We’ll then try to set up a session with other teens that works for you.

Escape Rooms

Escape into our virtual mystery rooms and solve a puzzle! Join us for new escape rooms every week in July including haunted houses, murder mysteries, and more.

Scavenger Hunt

Do you love playing detective, hunting for treasure, or just knowing cool tricks to share with friends? Get your sleuthing skills on by trying our Online Scavenger Hunt! You can do this in a group or on your own, and it’s all done on your own schedule.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just let us know you're interested, opens a new window and we'll send you a link to the Thursday 3 PM hangout as well as updates for other programs. There's no commitment to join, so why not sign up?

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